Life coaching

Work-Life Balance is becoming an elusive concept; many reports indicate that Australians are working increasingly longer hours for no additional pay and that our work-life balance does not compare favourably with other developed countries. As corporate organisations compete for skilled and experienced workers, flexible working arrangements and workplace health programs are becoming key differentiators to attract the best candidates. Yet whether you are a teacher juggling planning, teaching, reporting and extracurricular responsibilities or a corporate worker lucky enough to be offered flexible working options, finding a balance remains challenging for most of us.

Work-Life coaching is all about helping you achieve balance and satisfaction in all the areas of your life that are important to you. The process guides you to assess whether the goals you are striving for and the ways you are spending your time and effort are in harmony or in conflict with your core values. As a first step, this means becoming aware of what your core values are… It’s all about helping you identify and choose between options available to you, build a way forward and define achievable, sustainable action plans. Persistent Shift’s principal coach Kathryn Macfarlane takes a holistic approach to life coaching, ensuring clients’ goals align with their purpose. Coaching conversations focus on the future that you want to create and gives you support as you take steps towards making it a reality.


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