The Voice of the Language Learner – Survey

There’s currently a lot of debate about whether studying a language at school should be mandatory and how programs should be set up in order to be successful.

Politicians, academics and teachers will all speak up with expertise and passion. Here’s an opportunity for the people who really matter to have a voice; the learners.

We’ve all had an experience of studying a language at school; either ourselves or through our children. We all have an opinion that should be heard. Share yours and help shape the future of language learning in Australian schools!

About you:

Are you answering about your language learning experiences or on behalf of your child?*
How do you identify your gender?
How old are you?*
Are you currently a student?*
Are you currently studying a language?*
Which language(s) did you study/are you studying at school and for how long? E.g. Mandarin - 3 years*

How important are each of the following learning outcomes for students of language programs at school?

Being able to have a conversation with other people who speak the language*
Being able to read in the language*
Being able to write in the language*
Understanding how the language is structured and how it is different to English*
Learning about countries where the language is spoken*
Understanding how language shapes the way we think*
Understanding how native speakers of the language think and communicate*
Understanding the differences and similarities between my values and views and those held by native speakers of the language*

To what extent did the outcomes of your language learning experience at school meet your expectations in the following areas?
(1 = Not at all, 2 = Partially met, 3 = Met, 4 = Exceeded)

My results vs my expectations:*

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Would you like to tell us anything else about your language learning experience?


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